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The Nexus Responds: New Ranked Season

It's been a week now of fresh ranked Hero Storm, and with that followed a few changes, along with some new content. Everyone has formed their own opinions, their likes and dislikes, but what does some of the top players think of the new Nexus?

Droplets, Assassin player for LFM Esports
KilluZiioN, Support player for Team Freedom
Owlbuddy, HeroesHearth partner
Procraft, Azmodan extraordinaire
Steph, Captain of FemmeFerocity
Treebeard, Ranged-assassin master

Here are some of the perspectives I was able to gather from the grandmaster level:

On new ranked play changes

"3 bans is amazing. Literally fantastic. Hard to gauge how well rank decay and stuff will play out until further into the season. New Braxis holdout feels much better all around. Less snowbally and more forgiving early game."

"So far they seem great, however I wish they would add pick order swapping soon, so that both teams can get the pick that they want on the players that they want."

"Haven't seen much changes or notable differences in the new rank play changes yet, match making feels about the same as every early season games, where bunch of random players come back and play a few games."

"The ranked play changes are good but they are not enough to make HL "good." They need to make it harder for people to climb the ladder. It is currently was too easy to get to Master/get it for free after placements."

"Ranked play changes are great! Games are currently less balanced but a whole lot of new blood is also getting their first shot at high ranks. We'll see how things shake out -- I'm hopeful. HotS ranked ladder feels more alive than it's been in awhile!"

"Three bans for HL, I like it, feels like it'll diversify hero picks. Three bans for competitive I'm a little skeptical, seems like it's gonna be used to choke the already small hero pools of tanks and supports."

On reworked Azmodan/Raynor

"Raynor and Azmodan seem pretty good now, definitely playable heroes, but need a comp that satisfy the conditions to make it fit; feels bad putting those 2 heroes together (which I've seen all too often.) Raynor seems a lot stronger and more flexible than Azmodan still in most comps."

"Both Raynor and Azmo looks pretty good. Not sure if thats going to be enough to make them meta. We'll have to find out this week in HGC"

"Raynor rework is great, it's just a straight up buff compared to old raynor. He could probably use some minor nerfs. I love the new Azmodan rework, however still very disappointed by his uninspired new heroic. I also feel as if he could use some numbers buffs for some of his abilities."

"Raynor is busted with a capital B. No way they don't nerf Ace in the Hole. Probably the best late game carry, outside of a stacked Zul'jin. I haven't experimented with Azmodan too much, but seems strong, so long as he gets stacked well. Has a slightly weaker baseline form of Taste for Blood, so having allies help stack off of minions is crucial."

"Azmodan is the same to me. He throws flaming rocks and you don't want him in your game. Nothing's changed. Raynor on the other hand is fantastic! Definitely overtuned, but we're seeing blinds return to the meta -- and I really don't think he's that OP. Tuning down his must-take executioner talent at one would go a super long way."

"Jim Raynor's damage seems busted at the moment, but his counters remain the same so it's not as oppressive as prenerf Fenix. I think some tweaks here and there to bring him down. Like having executioner at level 1 or Exterminator on BoE is just annoying. Azmo I've seen like twice. To be honest he doesn't seem much different to play against. I like to think he's more impactful early game, but takes way longer to ramp up, as opposed to just getting level 10 and being able to teamfight no problem."

On Alterac Pass

"Alterac Pass seems like a really fun map, its like a combination of cursed hollow and Tomb of the Spider Queen. I think there could be a lot of strategies on that map and will need time for general to grasp and test more of the stuff. Feels like the biggest problem is that people miss too much soak when objective is up though, and with how long the objective fights are there's a lot of miss opportunities to gain a lead."

"Alterac Pass is the hot. How a large map should be done. Love it love it love it, aesthetically and gameplay wise."

"Hell no! Alterac Pass is super unbalanced and needs a lot of work still. The objective is way too strong and the map is way too snowbally in general."

"I like the map, it's very cool and I get what they're going for, but I think it needs some more tweaking, such as objective health decay or slow the speed of which they move. I've only been Horde, want to buy the ability to choose the faction you play for (for the Alliance btw.)

"Seems to either snowball out of control or last till like level 25. I'd like to see it added to competitive, lots of fun ways to play it."

"I love the new map, I think it's really well designed. I'm also a huge fan of new maps."

Looking to catch more of these pro gamers? Check them out here!

Droplets - twitter.com/Droplets_Hots
KilluZiioN - twitch.tv/killuziion
Owlbuddy - twitch.tv/owlbuddy
Procraft - twitch.tv/theprocraft20
Steph - twitch.tv/ferociouslysteph
Treebeard- twitch.tv/treebeardhots

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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