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Creating a New Esport: Dead by Daylight Competitive League 3.0

Note: This is the initial concept, parts are subject to change. Everything is still in the works, keep that in mind when reading! 

This is and updated version of the league, the prior league concepts can be found here: Original: 

2.0: https://heroeshearth.com/b/alexdidz/read/creating-a-new-esport-dead-by-daylight-competitive-league-20/

Match Format/Rules

1.     A match consists of two teams of five. Each match has five rounds, two games per round. Best of five format.

2.     Each team designates who will play as the survivors and who will be killer for that round. A teammate cannot be killer twice. Teams switch off similarly to how baseball functions; Team A’s survivors faces off against Team B’s killer, Team B’s survivors face off against Team A’s killer.

3.     The losing team of a round gets to choose either the map or the killer they want played. A selected killer is played by both teams on that round. Once a killer is played for a round, they are no longer eligible for the rest of the match.

4.     A map will be given before the match starts. Any selected map is played by both teams for that given round. A map cannot be replayed after that round. The ten maps that are available to be picked goes as follows

The League Ten - Official Map Pool

1. Wrecker's Yard - AW
2. Blood Lodge - AW
3. Azarov's Wresting Place - AW
4. Coal Tower - ME
5. Suffocation Pit - ME
6. Groaning Storehouse - ME
7. Thompson House - CF
8. Torment Creek - CF
9. Rancid Abattoir - CF
10. The Game - GMP

5.     All perks/add-ons/offerings are disabled. The scoring is based off survivors hooked + sacrificed and generators activated + survivors escaped. Bloodpoints do not factor into scoring.

·        Survivors - +2 per gen activated, +2 per survivor escape, +4 if all survive. 22 total points possible.

·        Killer - +1 each time a survivor is hooked, +2 survivor sacrificed, +4 for all sacrificed. 20 total points possible.

6.     Commissioner has pre-banned killers before start of match. For this version, Nurse and Spirit are not eligible for picking. 

Created by AlexDidz. All rules are tentative.

Contact info: alexdidz91@gmail.com, Twitter: AlexD1dz

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