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State of the Ladder with RehcraM - W3Champions Update #4

With another week passing, we have had both a brand new contender for the top ranks, a new strategy blooming, as well as a new player on the rank 1 throne.


New obstacles, new approaches

A little short of a month after the patch, Crypt Lord is still going strong on the ladder. Orcs are arguably the race suffering most from the changes with Blademaster struggling hard. A shocking 37% win rate against Crypt Lord 1st.

This has forced innovation from the Orc side, leading to a very dynamic matchup. The main thing that has changed seems to be Far Seer becoming much more popular. Not only on ladder but also in top tier tournaments with both Fly100%, Lyn and FoCuS playing Far Seer in Yule Cup.

Far Seer allows for more pressure, both making it easier to put damage on the Undead and delaying their expo attempt. The additional early game pressure also makes creeping to level 3 slower for Crypt Lord who, if left unsupervised, can power creep exceptionally fast. Not having to deal with stronger Beetles makes an Orc counter expo easier to set up, allowing the Orc to put up a fair fight as the game progresses with more equal economy.

Another important argument in the case for Far Seer is dealing with NecroWagon. A strategy that by many was viewed as a meme not too long ago, but with the era of fast expanding Undead, it has become a force to be reckoned with. Playing a standard BM+SH strategy with early tier 3 and a melee army can very easily fall apart to an Undead timing push with overwhelming numbers and massive damage reduction from Necromancers.

While it still needs to be put to the test in tournaments, Grubby has been skipping Grunts entirely and instead opting for Headhunter builds, much in line with what KiWiKaKi has been known to do. One key difference between the two strategies is Grubby’s heavy usage of casters. Witch Doctors, especially, seem to be quite iconic to his style compared to many other Orcs’.

Apart from granting great vision through Sentry Wards, the now improved Stasis Traps synergizes very well in conjunction with a high-level TC. Going into the late game, Healing Wards grant sustain against the AoE from things such as Impale and Disease Cloud, which is usually a major weakness for the Orc army.


Rotation in the top

Last week we mentioned Happy being challenged to reach rank 1 on the ladder. Not surprising, he was able to achieve this rather quickly with his insane win ratio.

Now a new player has been challenged to make it into the top 5. Being one of the few who barely touched W3C so far, Sonik will need to grind hard to make it within June 30th, the deadline of his challenge.

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