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Earlier I talked briefly on stream about slightly limiting my on-screen hours and opening up some time for creativity. The next couple of months are filled with crazy behind the scenes work, travel, esports, conventions, networking, and collaborations. I'm still going to be streaming HotS every week with more involvement in my org than ever before! We're still going to be having wild adventures and telling silly stories set in the Blizzard universe. We're just going to be exploring more diverse methods of telling those stories. Ultimately this means I am spending less time with you guys for now, but I know this will provide the Darth Coffee channel with it's greatest potential as we move into the new year. I'm excited for what's on the horizon and ready to execute original concepts that have never before been attempted on the Twitch platform. I love you guys and I'll see you on stream tomorrow at noon! May the force be with you...
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